Announcement: How To Win Back their love: A New Tool…

Here is a piece of  “The Fast Forward Technique”  from the Magic Of Making Up. You’ll find it helpful to calm yourself during that mind-numbing time during or right after a breakup.  You know what I mean, when your thoughts a screaming around inside your head, and you can’t focus, or sleep, or even hold an intelligent conversation.

This was created by T Dubb Jackson, and even though this is just a small part of  “The Fast Forward Technique“, it’s worth putting here, because it really helps.  Watch it through once, and then maybe a second time, in a dim or dark room, and turn your monitor off, just leaving the sound on, and

I think a big part of the problems we have during a breakup, is that we really don’t have the tools in our toolbox to help us cope with this stuff (Lord help me if I ever go through is so much that I get “good” at it!) So tools like these are REALLY helpful.

For the rest of “The Fast Foward Technique”, and more “Tools” from T Dub Jackson,