How to get Your guy Back Without Looking Needy


If you are a woman anxiously looking to get your ex back, it’s possible you are taking a desperate strategy that’s causing you to do stuff you usually would not do. Stuff that might be making you look “needy”.

Ring a bell?

You shouldn’t be too tough on yourself however, everyone’s been through it. You’ll survive this and emerge better after it’s all over.  For the time being, this out-of-character, needy behavior is just moving him even farther away and causing you to look like a doormat in his eyes……..NOT the most attractive “look” for you.

Put a stop to this dead-end behavior and then try these methods instead to get your ex back and also be even closer than ever before with all your self-esteem intact.


1. Do not fight  with him as to the reasons your relationship stopped regardless of how hard it might be. If he brings it up, simply pay attention to him and don’t argue. Possibly there is some truth as to what he’s saying? Become the bigger person and admit his point and just apologize.  (Would you prefer to be 100% right, or work out your romance? Here is a clue – hardly ever is somebody ever totally right about anything. So long as you are aware of the truth, that’s the only thing that counts. If you are in the wrong, a bit of humble pie goes a very long way.)


2. Don’t talk about all of the reasons why he can’t do without you. Men can’t stand it when women attempt to convince them to do something they are not prepared to do. Pleading with him to return only supports why he can in reality do without you very nicely. Do not forget that desperate and needy are genuine men-repellents.

Remember:  guys are drawn to self-confident ladies who are happy inside. Always keep in mind:  you are a catch. You are a treasure. Any guy will be fortunate to get you. So do not waste your time and effort attempting to persuade any guy to be with you. You’re your own person.


3. Taking responsibility for the break up on your behalf is a big thing. Can it be really truthful to blame everything on him? The correct answer is likely no, even though your pride almost certainly begs to differ. As they say, “It takes two to tango”. If you’ve been being completely truthful with yourself, certainly there were clearly some elements of the romance you might have managed better.


4. Hold out and allow him to get in touch with you.  A man (the hunter) places importance on things he must work for. Do not make it too simple for him.  Instead of calling him and pouring your heart out in a moment of weakness, get in touch with a buddy instead to talk-out your feelings.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and eventually he’ll want to know what you are doing.  He’ll get in touch with you for one of the following reasons:

a. He’s interested in how you are doing without him and wonders what you are up to

b. He is hoping for a booty call in which case you need to politely turn him down (you’re split up, remember?)

c. He truly misses you and really wants to see you

(Only consent to see him and talk when the reason is letter c.)


5. Become priority number one.Place yourself first for a change and just be worried about you. When he approaches you, don’t attempt to start up where your romance with him ended.  Let him know you’ve developed in both mind and spirit since you were last together. And most importantly, don’t allow him to persuade you that you are the only reason for the separation. Who started it really is unimportant at this time.

The way you both deal with things from now on is the thing that is important now.

One final thing, I HAVE to ask,  and be totally truthful.  Is he 100% worth reconciling with? Is he truly deserving of you?

To put it simply, you should have nothing but the best.










Getting Your Ex Back, How-To Tips

Getting your ex back completely dominates the minds of many a man and woman.  Maybe you were the one to finish the relationship thinking that life was passing you by.  Then, having been in the nightmare that is the life of a person who’s single, you have decided that your ex was fantastic and now you need to know how to get them back. Or maybe you were the one who was dumped but having had time to pull yourself together you are determined to show your former partner that they made a mistake.

Before you think about how to get your ex back in your life, you should be 100% sure that this is the outcome that you want.

You are going to spend a lot of time and energy achieving this goal but it will be a waste of everyone’s time if you are doing it merely for revenge.  This applies to those people that have been dumped, who start dreaming of revenge and how much it will make them feel better.   One quote that I believe in is revenge is a dish best served cold.  What this means is that you have to let your emotions, primarily your anger, cool off before taking any action.  What I believe the quote is trying to achieve is that by the time you have cooled down, you will forget about your ex and be putting your energies into meeting someone new.

But for those of us who have decided that our ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend was the ONE, here are some tips to try to getting your ex back.

1) You must not appear needy.  Desperation is never an attractive quality.  You will be far more successful in attracting your ex mate if you appear to be living your life to its fullest.  Never call or make contact with them. You will have sufficient mutual friends to be able to appear to be in the same location as your ex by accident.

2) Do not stalk your ex – again this is not the way forward. You want them to come back to you not have them report you to the police for stalking.

3) Always look your best.  Wear their favorite clothes, hairstyle, makeup etc.  Remember all those little details that used to drive them wild and use them to your advantage.  You must look as if you are doing just fine without them, not hurting and in pain (no matter how you feel inside).

4) Do not try and make your ex jealous by dating someone else.  This is juvenile behavior. There is never an excuse for using another person in this way. It is totally okay for you to meet people of the opposite sex, and strike up new friendships.  What you cannot do is to try and date someone that you feel will make your Ex jealous.

5) Try being direct.  Men and women often have communication issues hence the best-selling books such as “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” etc.  So sometimes the best way to getting your ex back is just to tell them how you feel.  Apart from a little pride, what do you have to lose?

If you are certain that getting your ex back in your life will make you happy, you need to pull out all the stops!

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