How to win back their love: First Look After Yourself!

How to win back their love, after a breakup.

Understanding how to win back a love you have lost is unfortunately not something that we get taught. This means, when it happens to us, and we need to find a way to make up with someone who has walked out of our relationship, someone we still love deeply, we find that we don’t have any tools in our toolbox.  So here is your chance to add to your toolbox: to discover how to win back their love, and make them yours forever.

The Magic Of Making Up

First, never make the mistake of chasing after your Ex, this is especially important if the separation is recent, and the feelings are still raw. So if the noise from the breakup is still pounding in your brain, then you must give your Ex (as well as yourself) some space.  If you do not, and you start pursuing them now, you will only succeed in driving them further away.  Your chances of winning them back would go down quickly. So, just walk away.  No communication, no calling, no texting, no drive-by-honking, nothing.

Now ideally, during this time, you will be getting your own head on straight.  You need to spend this time being good to yourself, and getting back to the person you were: not the wounded puppy that came out of the breakup.  Even if you were the one that caused the breakup, you were the one that messed up so big that it ended everything; you still need to find a way to forgive yourself, and get past it.  To be able to learn how to win back your Ex, you need to be in top form, firing on all cylinders.  This will not happen if you are just holed up in your home, night after night, feeling sorry for yourself.

Get up and get out of the house!

So get up, get out, find some friends that are still speaking to you(just kidding!), and have some fun!  This will do several good things for you.  First, it keeps you occupied so that you are less tempted to contact your Ex.  It will also lift your spirits and self-esteem, and give you more self-confidence.  These things all need to happen if you are going to learn how to win back your Ex.

Hit the gym!

Another good tip is to hit the gym.  I know it may not be everybody’s favorite place, but it gets you some needed exercise, and puts you out amongst people even more.  Whatever you decide to do, any exercise you take on does your body good.  It also helps your mood and spirit by releasing endorphins in your brain that make you feel good and give you more energy.  This is a VERY good thing. This is all very important, as you need to be in the right spirit.  You need to BELIEVE that you know how to win back your Ex, and can make the right decisions to do so.

It’s easy to get dumped, and then to sit around gaining weight and feeling sorry for yourself, so make sure to get up and get out of the house if you want to learn how to win back your Ex.

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